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Homework Struggles: How to Make it Easier and More Effective

I recently presented at the “Skills for Success with ADHD” Conference co-sponsored by Hampton Roads CHADD and hosted by Chesapeake Bay Academy. I was honored to talk to both parents and educators about how to support students with ADHD to make homework easier and more effective.

There were many requests for copies of the powerpoint, so I’m including the link here.

Here’s the program description:

Homework Struggles: How to Make it Easier and More Effective

Homework struggles that children with ADHD face can be difficult for families. To help parents and teachers provide the best support to their children we will review difficulties with executive cognitive functioning and how these problems affect the child’s ability to do their homework, and strategies to make homework more effective and less stressful. We will discuss ways that teachers and parents can work together, the best homework designs and appropriate accommodations for the student with ADHD, and barriers that may keep the interventions from being effective and how to overcome them.

Homework Struggles: How to Make it Easier and More Effective

Learning to Listen

One of the most important skills that contributes to feelings of closeness and support in a family is the ability to communicate, especially when communicating with someone who has AD/HD. Studies show that listening makes up a major part of all types of communication. To listen well takes concentration and is a skill that improves with practice. Listening is especially important with children because they do not have as much experience as adults in identifying or talking about their feelings. Helping them learn how to communicate feelings constructively contributes to their ability to deal with feelings without “acting them out.” Read the rest of this entry