Our Practitioners

Jeffrey Katz, Ph.D.

Jeffrey Katz, Ph.D., is a child, adolescent, and adult psychologist and leading expert in the field of ADHD, learning disabilities and behavioral problems. He is also a foremost consultant and sought-after speaker for numerous medical, academic, business and legal professionals and organizations.

Jeffrey Katz, Ph.D., is highly sought after by patients and their families for his expertise in AD/HD, learning disabilities and behavioral problems. He offers practical and proven ways to apply his knowledge about AD/HD in the school, home, work, and other relationship settings. His patients include:

  • children from preschool through college, assessing for learning disabilities and AD/HD
  • adults: evaluations and behavioral therapy, and
  • family therapy

Mindy Schwartz Katz, MSW

Mindy Schwartz Katz has worked with adults struggling with ADHD for many years as a Life Coach.  Mindy grew her skills and knowledge to better serve her community by earning her M.S.W.  If you are struggling with ADHD, anxiety, depression, or life in general call Mindy for a no-cost initial appointment.

“When life doesn’t go as planned, let me help you find Plan B.”

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